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Norwich charity launches earthquake appeal  

Street Child, a charity founded and led by Norwich-based Tom Dannatt, has launched an appeal to help earthquake victims through its partners in Syria.

Street Child has identified and begun a response with three local organisations: Orange, Amal and Takaful Al Sham, who are all operating in the areas of Aleppo and Idlib in north-west Syria.

In partnership with these local organisations, Street Child is providing temporary shelters for those who have been affected. This enables people to access a warm, safe space which has blankets, heaters, medicine and hot food. It has also funded the creation and running of roving support teams where those who can’t access temporary shelters are still able to receive the same support.

In Afrin, one of the hardest hit areas of north-west Syria, the charity is providing blankets, meals and water for over 4,300 children and their families.

The need in Syria was immense prior to the earthquake. Damage to infrastructure and the political situation make it even more difficult for aid convoys to access the area. Six UN aid trucks made it across the border yesterday (February 9), but they were scheduled to arrive before the earthquake struck and were not in direct response.


That same day the death toll passed 20,000, a sobering milestone in this disaster. With freezing temperatures and aftershocks continuing, the UN has announced that thousands more are at risk of dying.

Anna Lloyd, Head of Church Engagement for Street Child, writes: “The scale of the devastation in Turkey and Syria is hard to comprehend. ‘Apocalyptic’ ‘Catastrophic’ ‘Desperate’ are just some of the words that have been used to describe the scenes, in a region which is already reeling from ten years of brutal civil war.  

“In circumstances as dire as these, it is easy to despair and feel helpless. But then we remember that the smallest of lights can shine brightly in the darkest of places. And our Christian faith paired with the practical support of charities such as Street Child helps us not to be helpless. 


“I am so relieved that I can pray and donate, and that both of these things will make a difference. I would urge Christians and churches to join me in doing both. Please pray for the injured, homeless, cold, weary, broken and bereaved. Please pray for the agencies delivering aid and comfort, food and shelter. And please give to support their work if you can. Our prayers, compassion and gifts (however big or small) can make an enormous difference.”

For this earthquake appeal, 100% of money donated to Street Child will be passed on to local partners, which are currently meeting immediate needs and preventing further loss of life. 


Over the next few days, Street Child will be formalising partnerships with several other local organisations in Syria and Turkey. The focus will remain on providing life-saving relief and commencing protection programming for the thousands of vulnerable children. 


If you would like to donate to the Street Child earthquake appeal, you can do so here: https://street-child.org/syria


Pictured above is Street Child’s partner Orange preparing food for victims of the earthquake and, below, a collapsed building in the area where Orange is working.





Eldred Willey, 10/02/2023

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