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Norwich Airport welcomes new Ryanair flights

Norwich Airport recently welcomed three new flights from budget airline Ryanair to Alicante, Faro, and Malta. The first flights took off on Monday, with passengers like Michelle Stewart expressing their excitement over the affordable ticket prices. Stewart, who paid £63 for a return ticket to Benidorm, described the prices as “cheap as chips”. Richard Pace, the airport’s managing director, revealed that the goal is to eventually offer year-round flights to these destinations.

The addition of these new flights marks a significant milestone for Norwich Airport, as they look to expand their offerings and cater to a wider range of destinations. The decision to partner with Ryanair on these routes is seen as a strategic move to attract more travelers and boost tourism in the region. With affordable ticket prices and popular destinations like Alicante, Faro, and Malta, the airport is hoping to see an increase in passenger numbers in the coming months.

Passengers like Michelle Stewart are thrilled at the opportunity to travel to popular vacation spots at such a low cost. The convenience of being able to fly directly from Norwich to these destinations without having to make multiple connections is also a major selling point for travelers. As more airlines and routes are added to the airport’s offerings, it is expected that Norwich will become a more desirable hub for both leisure and business travelers.

Richard Pace’s statement about the aspiration to have year-round flights with Ryanair highlights the airport’s commitment to expanding their services and establishing themselves as a key player in the region’s aviation industry. By working closely with budget airlines like Ryanair, Norwich Airport is able to attract a larger customer base and boost their overall presence in the market. With the successful launch of these new flights, the airport is well-positioned to continue growing and offering more options to passengers in the future.

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