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Delia Smith interviewed at Norwich church 

Top TV cook and well-known writer Delia Smith spoke about her faith at SOUL Church’s weekly Chapel gathering on October 11.

A local favourite and majority owner of Norwich City Football Club, Delia Smith has many loyal fans here in Norwich. She rarely gives interviews, but this week she visited SOUL Church’s Tuesday morning chapel where she was interviewed by Pastor Jon Norman, Chaplain of the football club, before visiting the church’s social supermarket. Over 200 people attended the gathering, worshipping together before the interview. 

Delia spoke about her passion for the Canaries and talked about her own personal journey to faith. She shared a little about her latest book, You Matter, on the importance of spiritual nourishment. 

She also talked about learning to trust God, through the good times and harder times, and how forgiving He is when we make mistakes. She shared her thoughts on the difficulties of leadership in cancel culture and her belief in the need for collaborative leadership. 

Pictured: Jon Norman speaking with Delia Smith

Helen Baldry, 17/10/2022

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