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Debut album from Kings church Norwich 

King’s Norwich Worship is set to release their first EP titled This Is Our Worship on November 24. The album features six songs written and performed by Ben Lock, Joe Bunton, and John Raspin and covers a range of topics. It combines contemplative and joyful elements, making it a versatile addition to worship playlists. The songs are said to be beautifully layered, produced, and full of biblical truth, creating a cohesive and heartfelt expression of love for Jesus.

Joe Bunton, a member of King’s Norwich Worship, discussed the inspiration behind the album, citing the importance of teaching good theology through worship and the need for songs that reflect the beliefs of their local church. This prompted the band to write songs that could be led and sung with conviction in their church, leading to the creation of This Is Our Worship. The EP will be available on major streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube, offering easy access for listeners.

For those interested in staying updated on the album’s release and other King’s Norwich Worship updates, they are encouraged to visit kingsnorwich.com/knw and follow King’s Church Norwich on Facebook and Instagram. Press inquiries can be directed to Fay Austen at [email protected] or by calling 07522769291. The album is anticipated to be a significant addition to the worship music scene, offering a thoughtful and varied expression of faith for listeners to enjoy and make their own. Overall, This Is Our Worship represents a culmination of the band’s dedication to creating meaningful, theology-driven music that resonates with their community.

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