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Christian homeless charity active in Norwich 

Hope Into Action, a Christian homelessness charity, is currently seeking its thirteenth house to continue its mission of providing homes and support to people experiencing homelessness. The charity’s model involves not only providing housing but also offering the friendship and support of a local church. In Norfolk, the charity runs twelve properties, including family homes, houses for men and women, totaling 36 beds. The charity partners with local churches of various denominations and local authorities to provide this support. Investors and volunteers Janet and Andy Wilkes expressed their satisfaction with investing in Hope Into Action, as it allows their money to be used to help people while also remaining safe for their future use. The couple has also become volunteers, supporting a Hope into Action house by doing tasks such as decorating, cleaning, and building relationships with tenants. The charity is actively looking for its thirteenth house and encourages interested individuals to get involved.

Additionally, Hope Into Action has job vacancies for administrative roles and will be hosting its Annual Conference on 7th March in Peterborough. The conference will be a celebration of all the charity has achieved over the past year and an opportunity to gain insight into its work, ask questions, and hear from inspirational speakers.

Overall, Hope Into Action’s focus on providing housing and support to people experiencing homelessness, alongside the involvement of local churches and the support of investors and volunteers, demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need. The charity’s expansion to 12 houses in Norfolk and its pursuit of a thirteenth house highlights its continued dedication to addressing homelessness and providing opportunities for individuals to rebuild their lives. The involvement and support of individuals like Janet and Andy Wilkes showcase the positive impact that investors and volunteers can have on the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Furthermore, the availability of job vacancies and the upcoming Annual Conference demonstrate the organization’s commitment to continued growth and its commitment to transparency and engagement with the wider community.

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