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Quilting project gives church enormous hug 

The Friends of St Andrew’s Church in Little Massingham, Norfolk, and Quilts 4 Care Leavers have joined forces to work on a large patchwork quilt project that aims to provide comfort to teenagers leaving the care system. The project also serves to help restore the Grade I listed church, which is currently on the at-risk register. Quilt tops made by volunteers from across the UK will be exhibited at the church from May 10th to May 12th, with over 50 quilt tops to be wrapped around the church on May 13th in a display of support and solidarity.

The quilt makers involved in this initiative come from various regions in the UK, including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, and Hampshire. These individuals have generously contributed their time and skills to create quilt tops, also known as “Hugs”, for the church restoration project. The quilts will not only draw attention to the church’s plight but also serve as a source of comfort and warmth for care leavers after the exhibition. Donations collected during the exhibition and Giant Hug event will go towards urgently needed repairs to the church roof, with contributions accepted both in person and through the fosalm.org website.

The exhibition of quilt tops will take place at St Andrew’s Church in Little Massingham on May 10th, 11th, and 12th, offering visitors the opportunity to view the beautiful handcrafted pieces. On May 13th, the church will be enveloped in over 50 patchwork quilt tops as part of the Let’s Give a Giant Hug Day event. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the event and witness the church being embraced by these symbolic gestures of care and support. The project represents a unique and heartwarming collaboration between the quilting community and supporters of the church’s restoration efforts.

This collaborative project not only aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by historic buildings in need of restoration but also highlights the importance of providing support and comfort to vulnerable individuals transitioning out of the care system. Through the exhibition of quilt tops and the symbolic act of wrapping the church in quilt tops, the Friends of St Andrew’s Church and Quilts 4 Care Leavers hope to inspire others to come together and make a positive impact on both the preservation of heritage sites and the well-being of care leavers in the community.

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