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Norfolk leaders launch prayer for Armed Forces 

A group of Christian leaders in Norfolk is inviting churches to help launch a prayer group for the Armed Forces.

The leaders, who met recently, include Bishop Dr John Mills from the Evangelical Christian Church in England, a Royal Navy Veterans Chaplain and Rev Squadron Leader Jonathan Stewart, Station Chaplain at RAF Marham. The prayer group they are planning will be linked to the Armed Forces Christian Union (AFCU).


“We would like to hear from churches in Norfolk that would support the AFCU Norfolk Prayer Group by having a representative on the team,” write the leaders. “We want to work towards making the local church a welcoming place for serving members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.”


Members of the prayer group would pray individually on a daily or at least regular basis for those currently serving in the Armed Forces.  As Norfolk is such a large county, quarterly prayer meetings will be held on Zoom and an annual meeting held at the Chaplain’s Office in RAF Marham.  


The vision of the AFCU is to encourage Christians in the Armed Forces, and their families, to live out their faith, and to act as salt and light. 

 To assist prayer groups, the AFCU provides a booklet with detailed information and a sample prayer for each day. The groups also pray for specific deployments, and urgent needs as they arise. There are currently around 70 such prayer groups around the country.


To find out more please contact Bishop John at [email protected] or phone 07824 987174. More information is on the AFCU website here


Image from Pixabay


Eldred Willey, 30/09/2021

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