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King’s Lynn writer publishes 30-day devotional

King’s Lynn writer and part-time English teacher, Georgie Tennant has seen her 30-day devotional book, The God Who Sees You, published with Kevin Mayhew. Peter Bending reports.

Georgie grew up in King’s Lynn and became a Christian through a youth group run by the Christian Fellowship, now King’s Centre. Since studying English literature at university and training as a teacher, she has authored eight phonics books for primary school children and freelances for the King’s Lynn Magazine, but her true passion is Christian writing.

“I have always enjoyed writing,” explains Georgie, “but the change came about seven years ago when I joined the Association of Christian Writers. Joining a local group led by Jane Walters, gave me the courage and confidence to get writing properly. I started a blog then gained a regular, monthly slot on More Than Writers, the blog for the Association of Christian Writers. This developed my writing hugely.”

The God Who Sees You features 30 days of reflections around a Bible narrative and are designed to help you on your journey to feeling seen, valued and secure. Each devotional includes a song suggestion and some questions to aid in prayer and contemplation around the theme. “It is deliberately undated,” says Georgie, “to prevent that awful condemnation that slips in when we feel we aren’t ‘keeping up’ with our Bible reading.”

The book grew out of five devotional pieces which Georgie wrote for her church during lockdown.

“The following summer I happened to mention those to Amy Robinson who is in my local ACW Group and works as a commissioning editor for Kevin Mayhew Publisher children’s section. She suggested I put a full 30-Day Devotional plan together and pitch it to them, which I did with much help from Amy. Many months later they got in touch and said they wanted to publish it. A dream come true!,” said Georgie.


Georgie worked on the book in the second half of 2022 and the first books were published in March 2023. “It was very surreal to see my book in the flesh,” says Georgie. “I have had some lovely early feedback that the devotional is gentle, encouraging, real and making people cry – in a good way!”


The book is available online from Kevin Mayhew, Eden, Amazon, and in some local bookshops. “I hope to do more author visits and book signings – if anyone local would like one I would love them to get in touch,” said Georgie.

Georgie still attends the King’s Centre Church where she leads a Life Group and is involved with the ladies’ ministry and preaching. Follow Georgie on Twitter or email her at [email protected]



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