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King’s Lynn debt centre picks up the phone

The CAP Debt Centre in King’s Lynn is continuing to serve people with unmanageable debt, having moved its appointments from face-to-face to telephone.

The charity has a team of 17 volunteers who provide emotional support for clients on their journey out of debt.


It has also been addressing isolation through its monthly CAP Lounge where clients can come and have some lunch and build friendships with others. During the Covid-19 lockdown this has changed to a weekly virtual drop in.


Emily Hart, Debt Centre Manager, said: “CAP really has an amazing approach in helping people who are facing very difficult challenging situations. We see people who are depressed and facing hopelessness, for whom the future is bleak. 


“And yet they change. The glimmer of hope by the end of the first appointment grows throughout their journey to the point where they are transformed into people who are smiling and have a completely different outlook on life. When they become debt free, is truly a gratifying experience.”



 Project title: CAP King’s Lynn Debt Centre

 Who runs the project: The debt centre works in partnership with local churches. Cornerstone King’s Lynn Baptist Church, King’s Lynn Evangelical Church, Church in the Woottons and the King’s Centre (a.k.a. King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship) are represented on the Board.


Summary: We help people in the local community who are struggling with unmanageable debt.


Description: CAP is an award-winning charity that offers face-to-face debt counselling to all. Our personal and long-term approach empowers people to get out of debt and learn budgeting skills with great success. Even though our service particularly addresses debt we also look to help the individuals and families with a holistic approach, addressing other material needs a household may have: food, a bed to sleep on, and other essential products like a cooker and washing machine. 


Where we operate: King’s Lynn and surrounding areas, PE30, PE34 4, PE34 3, PE33 0, PE32 1, PE31 6, PE35 6.


Address: King’s Lynn Debt Centre, c/o Cornerstone King’s Lynn Baptist Church, Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 5JS


Public contact details[email protected] phone: 07495017364 


New client enquiries: 0800 328 0006

Website: www.capuk.org


Our main contact: Emily Hart – Debt Centre Manager


Our needs: Currently we are just looking for funding for future years. We know the financial impact of coronovirus on families will mean that the necessity of our service to be sustainable and running long-term is more essential than ever before. We do want to be able to increase capacity in future years also which will mean taking on another debt coach. We would welcome learning about trusts that are currently taking applications, and would be grateful for one-off donations, and monthly givers.


How we can help other projects: We connect with other local charities, and encourage them to refer to us individuals and families they come across who are struggling with unmanageable debt.  We also utilize services other charities provide, for example King’s Lynn Foodbank; we refer clients to them when they need food. We also have used baby basics to provide expectant mothers with baby items. We are always looking at what other local charities and organisations provide to see if it is something that will benefit the individuals and families we work with. 


Updates: At this time we are not taking new bookings. People can still call 0800 328 0006 to receive advice and be referred to other debt help agencies. Head office are looking at solutions to be able to reopen bookings to new clients as soon as they possibly can. 


Prayer requests: Please pray for all clients who struggle with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. It was hard enough on a daily basis prior to the outbreak of covid-19. Now they have to struggle with extra isolation, challenges of getting food within their limited budget, and some with children at home 24/7(some with special educational needs too). 

Image by William Iven from Pixabay 



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