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King’s Lynn Centre of Mission faces closure  

James Hawksworth, who has been leading the Church Army Centre of Mission in King’s Lynn, is among those recently made redundant by the Diocese of Norwich.

The Diocese of Norwich is currently facing considerable financial challenges, having run a deficit of £2.2m in the last financial year. Its recent financial decisions include the closure of the King’s Lynn Centre of Mission.  


A statement from the Diocese of Norwich reads: “We are grateful to the Church Army and to James Hawksworth for his ministry in the King’s Lynn Centre of Mission and in particular Springwood High School. The project was originally set up for a four-year period due to finish at the end of October 2021, but due to the significant financial challenges that the Diocese faces from the impact of the Covid pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to bring the project to a close on 15th October 2021.”


James is currently working out a 3-month notice period and hopes that the Church Army will re-deploy him. Prayers are requested for James, Laura, Sam and Becky as they take in this news and seek to discern where God is calling them to serve him in the future.   


Pictured above are James and Laura Hawksworth



Eldred Willey, 28/07/2021

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