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Heacham minister takes Gospel to the airwaves 

A Methodist minister in Heacham became a radio DJ after coming across a leaflet in a shop window. Rev Steve Oliver tells his story and invites you to tune in.

It happened just by chance. I saw a leaflet in a shop window asking for people to become involved in Radio Heacham. It was a local internet radio station run by a young man, Joseph Rumens, who had a vision to bring community radio to a wider audience.


I was looking for a way to spread the gospel, so I took the chance and ‘The Gospel Hour’ began. When Radio Heacham came to an end, Joseph moved to Hospital Radio Lynn, based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, and it is with thanks to him and Wayne Fish (Multimedia Communications Officer) that the Gospel Hour was able to continue.

The Gospel Hour is run from my study and has become a big part of my mission for Jesus and a way to share the Christian music I love. During the hour there is an opportunity for people to request a particular song or to bring a story or personal reflection which can be shared with the listeners. 

The music is a mixture of traditional hymns, pieces by contemporary Christian individuals and groups and, of course, Christian Heavy Metal when requested. I am learning just how exciting and inspirational singers really are, who I would never have chosen to listen to. For many the gospels in the Bible mean very little because they can seem unfathomable, but I believe the songs and hymns become the entry point to an understanding that words alone cannot bring.

The Gospel Hour can be heard wherever you are on either www.hospitalradiolynn.org.uk or smartspeaker every Sunday between 2pm and 3pm with an opportunity to catch up should the program be missed.

The music enables us to see that, yes, being a Christian in this current age can have its difficulties, but it also says that having Jesus with us brings a new meaning to all aspects of life. A trust in Him gives hope to a world that is struggling to find a peace within itself. 

The Gospel Hour aims to bring Jesus and hope to those of faith and those of none, to the young and the not so young. So, if you know people who are searching for a new beginning in their life, then please suggest they tune in on Sunday afternoon. The music will tell its own story.

I am delighted to say that since beginning the Gospel Hour began, I have had amazing feedback:


‘Another lovely programme which I have enjoyed, sitting with Alfie on my knee, a cuppa and a packet of crisps.’


‘Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! It was just wonderful to hear you yesterday.’


‘So good to have you back on the airwaves. The Lord really does hear our prayers. Praise be!’

Pictured above is Rev Steve Oliver



Eldred Willey, 01/09/2021

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