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Freedom in record time for CAP debt service 

Despite being unable to meet clients face-to-face, King’s Lynn CAP managed to get a client debt-free in a record three months. Manager Emily Hart tells the story.


During lockdown 85% of our clients have declared insolvency rather than trying to repay debts, and this was one of the insolvency clients. 


She did the whole process over the phone, and she was debt-free within three months because we’ve got a new, updated order process. Instead of setting up a CAP plan to pay for the insolvency fee we can actually process a case a lot quicker if people have the government insolvency fee or if they can get it from a friend as a gift.


She was a single person living at home with her parents. She had got herself into debt and she wanted to start afresh again. 


We got together all the paperwork we needed and loaded it up on the links. After the budget appointment she sent off her fee which she borrowed from her Mum, and within another two weeks she was debt-free. That’s the quickest we’ve seen for anyone.


The CAP service is completely free of charge, and people can call 0800 328 0006 to book a phone appointment.


By the end of the year King’s Lynn CAP will be looking for more befrienders. It will also be creating Christmas hampers, and and sponsoring gifts for children.


If you would like to help in any way you can contact Emily Hart on [email protected]


Pictured above is Emily Hart. Image from Imagine Norfolk Together


Eldred Willey, 29/09/2020

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