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Tony to raise a laugh and funds for kids charity 

Raise Kids Work has invited funny man Tony Vino to a cake and comedy event to raise funds for the charity. 

Tony Vino has been touring the comedy scene since early 2005, performing across the UK and internationally. He is best known for the way he seamlessly mixes well thought out observational humour with audience interaction and quick-witted responses. 


His life and interests are wide-ranging, and so is his material, all performed in a warm, friendly and non-offensive style. When hosting festivals and corporate events Tony’s confident effervescent persona has been found ideal for engaging crowds in their 100’s and 1000’s.


Well aware of social and political issues, Tony has been called upon to entertain at many high-profile events for charities such as Christian Aid, Oxfam, Fairtrade Foundation and Tearfund. He’s also been the tour support act for TV acts such as Jimmy Cricket and Tim Vine. 


He travels internationally performing at resorts and on cruises. He has performed for TV and Radio and was even called upon to be the warm-up comedian for BBC’s  Songs of Praise (a low point in his career). The BBC1 Heaven and Earth show said of him that his “comedy is life-affirming”. 


The event will take place on Sunday 3rd October 3 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.   


To book please go to shorturl.at/htySX or contact Andy Jones on [email protected] or 07967 359875.


“Invite your friends and come and have a laugh,” said Andy. “We all need one.”


Pictured above is Tony Vino




Eldred Willey, 17/09/2021

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