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Tiny Norfolk church wins national accolade 

The Diss URC church in Norfolk has been recognized at the National Churches Awards for its outstanding work with volunteers. Despite having only five members, the church provides a variety of community services, including a weekly Welcome Cafe, a monthly Dove Dementia Cafe, music therapy groups, a Dove Cafe Church, and a program called Dovelets for babies and preschool children with additional needs. The success of these programs is largely due to the dedicated team of 25 volunteers who support and facilitate each activity. The volunteers play a vital role in welcoming and engaging participants, assisting with activities, preparing and serving refreshments, and providing a friendly and supportive environment for the community.

The volunteers at Diss URC come from diverse backgrounds and contribute their unique talents and strengths to the various programs. Their efforts have been pivotal in the success of the church’s community initiatives, and their commitment has been recognized with a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate at the National Churches Awards. This acknowledgement is a testament to the impact of the volunteers’ contributions and serves as a token of appreciation for their dedication. The certificate has been proudly displayed at the church, where it serves as a reminder of the importance of volunteers in supporting local communities.

Despite having a small membership, the church is committed to continuing its community programs with the help of its dedicated volunteers. The church’s Community Worker, Ruth Bridges, expressed gratitude to the volunteers for their invaluable support and highlighted the importance of volunteers in sustaining and expanding the church’s community endeavors. The church hopes to inspire and encourage others to recognize and appreciate the contributions of volunteers in supporting local communities and to foster a culture of gratitude for volunteers’ efforts.

The success of the Diss URC church in providing vital community services is a testament to the impact that a small team of dedicated volunteers can have. The recognition received at the National Churches Awards serves as a celebration of the volunteers’ hard work and dedication, and the church is committed to continuing its vital community work with the ongoing support of its volunteers.

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