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Norfolk church summer club explores creation 

A South Norfolk church has hosted a summer club for children to explore different topics around the theme of creation through painting, flower arranging, other art and crafts, music as well as Bible stories.

During August, St Mary’s Banham hosted the Quidenham Group Summer Club for children. Rev Sarah Walsh, Priest in Charge of Quidenham Benefice, said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a team of people to facilitate the summer club. It has been the first time that the Benefice has tried this, and it proved to be very rewarding and successful for both the leaders, children, and their accompanying adults.  

“The summer club has also been blessed by other people who have joined us from another Benefice to lead some music sessions which included handbells as well as other instruments. We have also had the company of the very popular Banham Bear and Barney the Muppet who have helped the children to enjoy the fun. 


“There were many different types of games too for the children to join in with and one of the great favourites was the parachute game. It has been great to see the children enjoying themselves with all the different games and activities loaned from the Diocesan resources centre,” said Rev Sarah.  


“It has also been wonderful to have a group of dedicated and committed church members who worked very well together to make this such a fun event. The club has generated much interest in the local area and many people have admired the children’s artwork proudly displayed.”


Rachael Borenkova, one of the volunteers leading the event, said: “It’s been a great example of teamwork. Everyone involved played to their strengths, and we were fortunate to be surrounded by lots of different creative talents.” 


The summer club has left behind some beautiful artwork on display for everyone to enjoy in St Mary’s Banham. Rev Sarah added: “We are thrilled by the response we have had.  We are planning to organise other events like this throughout the year so we can carry on developing and building relationships within the younger end of our communities within the Quidenham Group.”

Pictured above, a youngsters tries his hand at bell-ringing at the Quidenham summer club.


Keith Morris, 27/08/2023

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