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Norfolk church solar panels plan goes to minister 

A South Norfolk church has has its plans to put solar panels on a 30-year-old extension to the church approved by South Norfolk Council, but because of an objection by Historic England the plan still needs to be approved by the government.

The Parochial Church Councils at All Saints Church in Chedgrave put in the planning request to South Norfolk Council for the solar panels, as part of a project to provide electricity for the building’s lighting and power, and it was approved by planners in late August.

However, Historic England objected, describing the building as “remarkable” and “unusual”, and had “serious concerns” the panels would negatively impact views of the church.

Speaking in support of the application, Rev Alison Ball argued the scheme, which would be on the western side, would not be visible from the main path towards the church. She said: “To be clear, we’re not asking to put solar panels on the church we’re asking to put them on the extension, which is less than 30 years old. No one can deny the impact of climate change and because of it we are committed to doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.” 

Previously, Nicholas Cannon, Secretary of the Diocesan Advisory Committee said: “Solar panels can be a valuable part of a comprehensive package of carefully considered works to make a church building more environmentally sustainable. This will also include such measures as fixing broken windows, appropriate draught proofing, ensuring roofs are watertight and swapping to LED light bulbs.”

“However, solar panels can be inappropriate in some circumstances for a variety of reasons, for example, where the roof itself contributes greatly to the significance of a listed building, there is a presumption against solar installations. Every case will need to carefully assess the harm caused by the panels against the benefits provided by them.”

To find out more about how you and your church can work towards engaging with the environment, getting an eco award or achieving carbon net zero, visit www.dioceseofnorwich.org.

Article extracts from EDP24.

Pictured above is All Saints church in Chedgrave, © Simon Knott

Keith Morris, 08/09/2023

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