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Norfolk abbey offers warm space and free lunch 

Wymondham Abbey is offering a Warm Space during the week alongside a free lunch and a weekly playgroup after ‘giving the idea a go’.

Father Christopher Davies, Interim Priest in Charge, said the idea of offering the Abbey as a “Warm Space” during the week came from a member of the congregation. She researched what was already being offered locally and the church liaised with other local churches of all denominations to make sure there wasn’t any duplication.


“The idea of a simple soup lunch, free of charge where people are encouraged to stay, read magazines and try their hand at jigsaws was then agreed upon. Some very worthwhile pastoral contacts soon followed,” said Fr Christopher. “The local council gave the PCC £2,000 towards heating costs and this has been a huge support.


“Alongside this, a young mother offered to set up a small playgroup each week. We visited the excellent playgroup run by All Saints Mattishall who provided really helpful advice and a local charity provided funds for toys and equipment. This group has developed beyond all expectation and now regularly attracts up to 50 babies and toddlers with their carers.”


Some good pastoral contacts have followed with several enquiries about baptism and a wedding! Community midwives are now making use of the warm space as well for post-natal groups.


“Our experience has been really positive and we would encourage any other churches to ‘have a go’ and see where the Holy Spirit leads,” said Fr Christopher.


If you would like to talk to about setting up something similar, Fr Christopher would be happy to have a discussion on how they set theirs up. You can email him at [email protected] or call 01953 605671.


Article extracts and picture from the Diocese of Norwich





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