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Jill’s Poringland talks help us to walk the walk 

Jill Gower from The Light House is running a series of talks in Poringland entitled Walking in the Anointing.

They take place on Thursdays from 10.30 am to lunchtime at The Octagon, All Saints Church, Poringland, Norwich NR14 7LE.

“Jesus waited for the anointing of the Holy Spirit before He began His ministry,” writes Jill, “and He told us in John 15 to stay in the vine, for without Him we could do nothing of value for the Kingdom. He gives us the Holy Spirit to enable us to walk the walk and talk the talk, bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.”

Jill will be exploring what this means for each of us, and to know Him more fully. She is currently looking at how to pray, and to enable us to enter into His Presence.   


Parking is on Rectory Lane, Shotesham Rd or Church Close. For those unable to walk far, please contact The Light House on [email protected] and they can allocate a parking space for you.


There is no charge, but The Light House will take up an offering. Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Jill is also running an online Bible course with the Hebraic roots flavour and explores such topics as the spiritual realms, covenants, prophetic types, the marriage covenant, the Tabernacle, priesthood and the feasts. You can contact Jill on the email address above to find out more.


Pictured above is Jill Gower.



Eldred Willey, 09/02/2023

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