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Evangelists put spiritual footsteps on Via Beata 

A team from Through Faith Missions are walking the Via Beata across Norfolk without money for the journey, sharing the Good News and praying for healing.

Two missions set out on June 19 from Lowestoft in the east and St David’s in the west, following the route of the Via Beata. It has been split into 22 sections, and the idea is that the missions will meet at the centre of England after 11 weeks. Participants are travelling in pairs, and each give a week, walking from a Saturday to a Saturday before passing on the baton. 


“We believe that as we step out in faith, God will open hearts for the Gospel, and doors for provision,” write the organisers. Team members have been asked to leave credit and debit cards at home, as well as their phones (unless they keep them mainly switched off). They can just take a few pounds in case they have an opportunity to buy someone else a drink.


“Great start on Saturday,” writes one of the first pairs. “After commissioning, we went to the South Pier in Lowestoft and celebrated communion. Within a hundred yards of starting from that point we had our first God-blessed encounter with a family from London. 

“Saturday night we discovered our equipment was inadequate for the rainfall and on Sunday we sought a local relative with hot showers and a tumble drier. Were offered food and drink and a lightweight four-man tent. Dry last night. Ahhh. Tonight (Monday) we have been blessed with tea and cake and the offer of the undercroft at Beccles parish church to sleep in. Thank you, Lord.”


The eastern team stopped at Ringsfield Hall to mow the lawn and weed the front drive. It will be at Ditchingham this Saturday (June 26) and will then head for Banham in Norfolk, planning to arrive on Saturday July 3.


The Via Beata was the vision of the sculptor and artist Steve Eggleton, who wanted to create a unique pilgrimage with regular stops for rest and spiritual refreshment along a 400-mile route. There is a ‘way station’ approximately every ten miles of the route, and the aim is to build a ‘belt of truth and blessing’ across the nation.  


“I am passionate about the Via Beata,” comments Adam Jackson, who is administrator for the project and does the IT. He also contributes some of the artwork for the way stations, for which he “uses local tradition to speak to people with the Good News”. 


“The significant thing about Through Faith Missions walking the way is that they are putting footsteps on the route in a very real and spiritual way,” said Adam. “It is a beautiful manifestation of what people have been praying for, for a long time.” 


“As we walk in the footsteps of the saints,” write the organisers, “we believe that we will see, like them, a new awakening to Jesus and revival in our countryside.”


You can read blogs from the walk here. 

More information about the Via Beata is available here. 


Pictured above are some of the walkers on the Via Beata in Lowestoft







Eldred Willey, 28/06/2021

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