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Christian retreat centre opens a creative cabin 

The Quiet Waters Christian Retreat Centre has created a ‘log cabin’ in the woods where guests can enjoy a range of creative activities.

The cabin is ideal for individuals or small groups and provides an independent space within the grounds of Quiet Waters, complete with heating, kitchenette and bathroom. Yet it shares the same peace and tranquillity of the main house.


“It’s good to create,” write the Quiet Waters team. “Genesis talks about a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s reaction to this is an eye-popping, universe-exploding, noisy, colourful cacophony of creative power. So when we create, really create, without limits or boundaries, we’re following in God’s footsteps.”


The team loves being creative and are thrilled when our guests tap into their creativity and lose themselves for a few hours, immersed in a world of imagination and wonder. And creativity takes so many forms; writer, composer, painter, chef, lyricist, carpenter, entrepreneur, filmmaker…the list is almost endless.


Quiet Waters is immensely grateful to the Creative Arts Retreat Movement (“exploring creativity in a Christian context”) for their generous support of this venture both financially and by supplying so much top-quality equipment. Starting a craft project using quality tools and materials is so much more inspiring.


Already in the planning are retreats including mosaics; painting; photography and Christian creative writing, each including reflection and sometimes worship to inspire your creativity. These will be led by creative Christians who are keen to teach, guide and instruct. Please contact the team on 01986 893201 or keep an eye on the Quiet Waters website for more information: https://www.quietwaters.org.uk


Pictured above are some products from Quiet Waters creative sessions.




Eldred Willey, 01/03/2023

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