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Barbara begins leadership with baptism of fire 

At a hugely challenging time, the Alive network appointed Barbara McLellan as the new pastor for their church in Wymondham. She describes her demanding journey into leadership.

I was appointed as Location Pastor for Alive Church Wymondham in August 2020. It was right in the middle of the pandemic, so that was a bit of baptism by fire. I have lived in Wymondham and have been a part of the church since 2008. 

I have been a Christian for about 28 years, and prior to becoming a Pastor, I served in various aspects of church life including Sunday School, the worship band and later leading the prayer team for the church. I have also been involved for a number of years with healing on the streets, which I think is one of the most exciting things you could do as a Christian. 

I attended Westminster Theology College where I obtained a post-graduate diploma. That was a real blessing because I learned a lot and met people from different walks of life. 

As well as being Pastor of Alive Church Wymondham, I work as a Governance and Compliance Manager for a charity in Norwich. The charity works mainly with children and young people, so for me that really fits in with what I see as a service. But as you know, you never switch off from being a pastor because it is not like a nine-to-five job.

My husband Fillan is a civil servant. We have been married for 30 years and we have two sons who are 25 and 19. My older son is a solicitor in Manchester and my younger son has just finished his first year at university. I sometimes ask myself where the time went from when they were toddlers to now.

My hopes and plans for the church are that it continues to be a welcoming place where everyone can play a part and use their God-given skills and abilities. As part of the wider Alive Church, I want to see us continue to grow as a community church and impact the lives of people in Wymondham. Like all churches we are working our way out of the impact of all the restrictions, but also with the acknowledgement that things will not be business as usual.

I am hoping for a church that looks and feels different but remains relevant to people in this season. A church that carries the message of the gospel but also lives it out in a practical way – being able to help people who need help and by doing that pointing them to Jesus. 

All across the country, people are slowly returning to face-to-face church services and we are no different, but I am also hoping to see new faces, people who have had an encounter with Jesus during lockdown and want to be a part of a church family.  

Alive Wymondham is part of Alive Church which has eight locations across the country, and Wymondham is one of these. We have a heart for re-evangelisation and believe we can make a significant contribution. We are a Bible-based church and part of the Evangelical Alliance. We meet at Central Hall, Back Lane, Wymondham every Sunday at 10.30am and we would really love to have you join us. Drop me an email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Pictured above is Barbara McLellan

Eldred Willey, 24/05/2021

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