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Sheringham youth attend forbidden church

The youth group at Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham were forced to meet at a secret location earlier this month when the Lighthouse building had, supposedly, been shut down by the authorities.  

When the young people arrived at Lighthouse for their meeting on Wednesday November 9 they were surprised to find the building blocked off with tape and signs saying that the church had been closed by the authorities.  This was part of the secret church event, highlighting the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide, where believers are often unable to meet publicly, because such meetings are illegal and could result in the worshippers facing violent attacks.


The youngsters were directed in small groups to an alternative venue – the Sheringham Shed, where they could enter with a password and were asked to give up their mobile phones for security purposes.


They then took part in a discreet candlelit worship service with humming instead of sung worship, grapes and crackers instead of bread and wine for communion. They listened to a testimony from a believer who avoiding using words such as Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible etc, which would mark them out as a Christian.  As the young people didn’t want to be found in possession of bibles they memorised a small passage of scripture which they hid in their socks. 


One of the organisers, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of arrest, said “During our worship time we were interrupted by flashlights & visiting authorities looking to arrest Christians. Fortunately we were able to hide the group behind sofas and in the next door office”.


Afterwards the young people commented on how it made them appreciate the freedom Christians in Great Britain have to gather together, and also to think about praying for Christians in countries where it’s hardest to live, such as North Korea and Afghanistan. One said “it was fun but only because our fear wasn’t real”.


The image above is courtesy of Gareth Gabriel



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Tony Rothe, 14/11/2022

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