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Sheringham church’s Easter food bag giveaway

Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham has been giving food bags out to families in need this Easter, and they have included an Easter egg for each child. Tony Rothe reports.

The church has been developing contacts with several local families over the last year with its “Family Fridays” campaign, whereby families can come along for a cooked 2-course meal on alternate Friday tea-times, with games and activities for the children.


Maggie Rothe, Lighthouse café manager, said “Family Fridays are proving increasingly popular in our community, and so we thought we would provide some food bags for those families, which they were able to collect during the week leading up to Easter.”


The food bags contained staples such as tins of soup, spaghetti and beans, coffee, breakfast cereals, pasta, biscuits, and even shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, all supplied in a stout, colourful, re-usable bag. There was also an Easter egg for each child in the family.


Maggie said “These bags seem to have met a need, as folk were very grateful to receive them. It’s a great way to engage with our community and simply give gifts to those who can make good use of them.”


The bags were paid for by generous donations from folk who attend Lighthouse, along with support from Waitrose and Sainsburys.


Family Fridays will resume after Easter at 5pm on Friday 21 April, and then on 5 and 19 May, 9 and 23 June, and 7 July.  For more information e-mail [email protected] or phone Lighthouse on 01263 699012.


Visit the Lighthouse website and Facebook pages.


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Tony Rothe, 12/04/2023

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