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Nativity parade cheers Sheringham Church

Young people, children, and helpers at Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham brought the Nativity story to life last Sunday, and held an impromptu parade at the end of the service. Tony Rothe reports.

Mary and Joseph employed the services of weeks-old Charlotte as baby Jesus, and were accompanied by all the usual characters from the story, along with some whose links to the biblical account were rather more tenuous!


Maggie Rothe, who organised the occasion with Youth pastor Peter Skivington, said “Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about getting involved, including the teenagers, some of whom used to take part in the church nativity when they were children. We simply brought the very familiar story to life by involving everyone, even young Charlotte.” 

LCC 2022 nativity kings 750ATThe characters paraded around the church at the end of the Sunday service, to the delight of the congregation, as a fitting finale before Christmas.

Visit the Lighthouse Facebook page for more pictures.


The church will gather at 11.15pm on Christmas Eve for midnight communion, and resume Sunday services at 10.15am on 8 January.

Visit lighthousesheringham.org

The photos are courtesy of Naomi Frith.


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Tony Rothe, 23/12/2022

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