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N Norfolk Christians provide Malawi cyclone aid

A Fakenham based Christian charity is helping villagers cope with the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that has hit Malawi, and are appealing for urgent funds to enable them to do more.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy arrived in southern Malawi last weekend, bringing fierce winds and torrential rain. The government have declared a “State of Disaster”, with around 100 dead and many more are still in danger of flooding and lethal mudslides. The World Meteorological Organisation has declared Freddy as one of the strongest and longest-lasting storms every recorded.


Dave and Lynda Mills, who run Africa Aid, live in Fakenham, but are out there in the midst of the turmoil, and describe the situation:


“In our area, many houses are down, roofs gone, areas flooded, water supply disrupted, toilets collapsed – right in the middle of a serious cholera outbreak that has taken over 1,600 lives.


“Yesterday, despite the weather, our reception was overrun with appeals for help from villagers desperate for food and plastic sheeting, which we liberally distributed, and they’re still pouring in today. It’s the hungriest time of year in rural Malawi, with acute poverty and electricity powering the maize mills out, some families haven’t eaten for days.


 “We need your help to cope with the aftermath of this disaster. Once the rain stops, we’ll replace roofs, build toilets and houses for the most vulnerable, and community infrastructure. We urgently need help to reconstruct devastated lives and infrastructure.”


To donate, please visit aid-africa.com

Every penny donated will directly help the rural poor in local villages affected.


The images show the remains of a dwelling, top, and the flooded laundry, and are courtesy of Aid Africa.


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Tony Rothe, 17/03/2023

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