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Increasing numbers affirming faith at Holt school

Thirty students and family members confirmed their faith in Christ in front of their relations and friends at a service of Confirmation and Baptism in Gresham’s School Chapel.

The Bishop of Norwich officiated at the moving service held at the North Norfolk school just before the Easter school holidays. As part of the Confirmation Service the Bishop gave each of the candidates a hazel tree to plant to remind them of their call as disciples to care for creation. 


Gresham’s School in Holt has seen considerable growth in the number of baptisms and confirmations in the last few years. 95 students, staff and family members have been baptised and/or confirmed in the last twenty months alone. According to the school archives this is the largest number in well over 50 years to take place in such a short space of time. 


A Year 9 Gresham’s Student taking part in the service said: “I really enjoyed the service. I wanted to be confirmed to take the next step with God and have a stronger connection with Him.” 


A Year 8 Gresham’s Student taking part in the service said: “This was me starting my own journey of faith. This is me saying YES to God.” 


Rev Jack Branford, School Chaplain said: “The number of young people coming forward for baptism and confirmation has been a real encouragement. It is truly wonderful to see them responding to Christ’s call in their lives.”


The photo is courtesy of Greshams School.


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Tony Rothe, 05/04/2023

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