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48 hr Revival prayer walk along N Norfolk coast

Walkers from Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham were praying for Revival this week as they trekked from Hunstanton to Sheringham in just 48 hours. Tony Rothe reports.

The team of around a dozen walkers travelled to West Norfolk on Sunday July 9 after the morning service at Lighthouse, and set off from Hunstanton Lighthouse at lunchtime to walk the 12 miles through to Burnham Overy Staithe. On Monday they completed a further 15 miles through to Blakeney Parish Church where they again spent the night. The final 11 miles were completed on Tuesday morning when the team arrived at Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham in time for lunch.


The walk was led by Ian Savory, Peter Skivington and Daniel Ward from the church’s leadership team, intern Connor Winston, and a number of others from the church, including several teenagers. Some joined the team on the second day.


This endeavour follows the previous Lighthouse prayer walk two years ago when a team from the church walked from Lowestoft to Sheringham over 4 days to celebrate the East Anglian Revival of 1921.


Ian Savory said, “This was our second Revival prayer walk, and what a privilege it has been journeying from Hunstanton to Lighthouse with such an amazing group of people, many of them teenagers with a growing relationship with Jesus who simply want to serve Him.”


Ian explained that what they have been doing this week through their prayers, community and encounters with people is declare ‘We Believe in the Christ’. “They haven’t shouted about what they don’t believe which would have given the culture another reason to ignore them, but to proclaim God has a purpose for our lives and community and Christ is the centre of it all.


“Just a few hours ago a new person arrived at Lighthouse asking questions about our community here, and when I asked where they lived I realised we had walked past their home on the prayer walk only yesterday.”


The photos are courtesy of Sue Savory.


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Tony Rothe, 14/07/2023

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