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Youth worker Matt brings the Bible to Breckland 

Matt Ingle has joined the team of North Breckland Youth for Christ as the New Dereham and District youth worker. 

Matt is married to Elaine, and has two children, Thea and Josiah, and three older step children, Sam, Mo and Gemma.

Before joining Youth for Christ, he was working as a property manager in Norwich for a student landlord, but before that he was involved in church-based youthwork. This began in 2005 and took him from Buckinghamshire to Hertfordshire, to South Wales, to Basingstoke and more recently to Norwich. Having spent three years at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (now Union) studying Theology, he has a passion for making the Bible accessible.

His youth work has included everything from upfront teaching for a whole town holiday club, to spending time reading the Bible one to one with young people.

“I’m looking forward to working with local churches and seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus,” said Matt, “and I’m excited to see how I can use technology to help young people engage with Jesus and the Bible. 

“The local church is the visible gathering of God’s people and has the ability to bring hope to the darkness. In my role in Youth For Christ I hope to be able to be a bridge for the churches, to help them build relationships with young people in their area.” 

Since with the pandemic the importance of technology in reaching young people has risen, he is interested in exploring how augmented reality and virtual reality can help introduce them to key biblical truths that they might otherwise not engage with.

Outside of work he likes cooking, playing football and games, both board and computer.

You can read more about North Breckland Youth for Christ here.

Pictured above are Matt Ingle and Elaine Baker-Ingle


Eldred Willey, 07/02/2022

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