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Youth for Christ lights a fire in north Breckland 

North Breckland Youth for Christ will be putting on a mini residential camp this year to coincide with Bonfire Night.

The November 5 camp, complete with a bonfire, will the first of a new series of events.  There will be one every term and they will be a chance for young people to experience a mini residential camp style event for a day.  There will be a talk, some worship and fun activities and games.  


“It’s another chance for them to learn about Jesus,” said Paul Roast, Director of Breckland Youth for Christ, “and to mix with other young people from around the area.  We are very excited about the prospect of these events and look forward to seeing how God uses them.” 

In addition, the team has launched a new Youth Cafe in Gressenhall which we will run until Christmas and possibly beyond. It is also working with the Dereham Churches together to run a youth club that will serve the town. The current plan is to launch something in January.


Meanwhile Matt (Dereham and District worker) has finally moved to Toftwood Dereham with his wife. There is more information about Breckland Youth for Christ on northbrecklandyfc.org.uk


Eldred Willey, 17/10/2022

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