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Rural Norfolk church offers shop-and-chat service 

The Fountain of Life Church in Ashill is offering practical assistance to church members and many others in the wider community who need help during the current pandemic. Katie Mumford, an FOL intern, explains how the church is responding.


This is our chance to be Jesus for people. At the Fountain of life, we are a missionary congregation of the Church of England. We have a call and vision to see the heartland of Norfolk transformed by the presence and power of God.

At this time, we want to use the resources we have to reach out with the love of God and bless the community to bring more of Jesus’ hope and light into this world. 

With a team of about 15 fully DBS checked volunteers we offer assistance to church members and others in our communities that may need help in one or more of the following ways:

1.      Picking up and delivering prescriptions.

2.      Delivering urgent shopping.

3.      Chatting and praying with someone on the phone.

4.      Delivering Bible Notes, Newsletters from the Fountain of Life or CDs of our 

   sermons (for those who don’t have access to online resources).

We try to fit individual needs as much as possible. Our phone and email are open for everyone and anyone in need to ask for assistance in one or more of the listed ways. After an initial call or email our team will contact a suitable volunteer to get the needed assistance going as swiftly as possible. 

Rev Paul Wilkinson, leader of the congregation, summarised: “As a church we want to play our part in serving those in our community who might need some practical support at this time – loving our neighbours as we’re called to do.”                

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

Eldred Willey, 18/05/2020

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