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Promoting mental health in times of pandemic 

The Fountain of Life Church in Ashill will be running its third Doors of Hope Conference on November 14 from 11.30am to 4pm. This year it will be hosted on Zoom. 

Doors of Hope seeks to equip the church to respond to people with mental ill health and to promote emotional wellbeing. The subjects this time will be relevant to the current coronavirus pandemic. Subjects and Speakers are:

Traumatic Grief – Sue Monckton Rickett, Chair, Association of Christian Counsellors

Spirituality and Mental Health – Kathy Spooner, Director of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Association of Christian Counsellors

The Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Young People – Liz Fordham, CEO, Making Me

Theological Anthropology and the Church’s Mission in Supporting Mental Health During Covid-19 – Daniel Whitehead, CEO, Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

There will be a question and answer session after each speaker.

Aside from the emotional impact of lockdown on the general population, early evidence from self-reporting measures shows there are neurological implications for some people who contract Covid-19, with potential for developing mental ill health.

Many people of all ages have suffered multiple losses as well as bereavement which have been traumatic. Professor John Swinton in his recently published book Finding Jesus in The Storm says: “Mental health ministry means finding a way to exhibit some ordinary human kindness.” We hope that Doors of Hope will be a resource to the church at this time.  

To book your place online go to www.folchurch.co.uk Cost is £15

Any enquiries to [email protected]

Pictured above is Daniel Whitehead




Eldred Willey, 27/10/2020

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