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Norfolk nurse puts Kenyan children in families 

Kelly Strong, a Registered Nurse living in Dereham, is leading a project to move Kenyan children out of institutions and into families.

Kelly worked at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and attended Norwich Family Life Church before she and her husband Jono left for Africa in 2013. They spent many years investing in the team before returning to Norfolk with their three boys. Kelly continues to work alongside this team most days, from her room in Dereham. 


The Kenyan Children’s Project was founded in 2005 by two couples – Chloe and Stuart Glassborow, and Chris and Cathrine Lane. The Glassborows were previously at Fakenham Baptist Church and went on to become founding pastors of Catch the Fire London.


Over the last six years the charity has moved from an orphanage model to a community and family restoration model of care. It has learnt from like-minded organisations and pioneers in Kenya, incorporating best practice from the broader child development sector. 


The charity believes that most children across the world living in an orphanage or institute do have a family to return home to. Since 2014 it has reunited 243 children with families. The majority are still being followed up. 

The project now only provides accommodation at its centre on a short-term basis. This is especially when a child is extremely vulnerable, or in the rare cases where family restoration is not possible. The normal pattern is  strengthening families to care for their own children. 

Currently the project is developing a 21-acre site near Kakamega Town which will enable the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of up to 2500 children over the next five years.


You can find out more about the charity from their website here.


Image from Kenyan Children’s Project








Eldred Willey, 26/04/2021

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