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Norfolk church minister’s TV gameshow win

A Norfolk Baptist church minister proved his skill with words while winning the ITV game show Lingo with his mum Diana recently.

Nigel Bayley and his mum Diana, won £3,300 each after beating multiple couples on the word game.

The episode, which was recorded a few months ago, aired on January 9. The duo gambled to double their £3,300 and won the £6,600 in their last round.

During the episode, presenter Adil Ray asked Nigel about his “very important role” as a vicar. He said: “Very important yes. It is a real privilege to be there with people in their most momentous moments in life. And we have a great church, full of lovely people who are really supportive and encouraging.”

Asked whether he would encourage other church leaders to go on game shows, Nigel told Premier Christian Radio: “Definitely! Because I think people have a certain opinion of vicars, and particularly TV dramas, and those kinds of things. They’re always a certain type of person.

“And one of the things I love anyway, is breaking people’s expectations of what a vicar should be…We’re just normal people who happen to be called to a particular type of leadership, church leadership. So, I think it’s a really good opportunity to just show that we’re normal, and we’re like everybody else and we love Jesus.”

Nigel is hoping to use the money on a special holiday with his wife to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.


Article extracts from premierchristian.news


Pictured above are Nigel Bayley and his mum Diana on the ITV gameshow Lindo. Picture courtesy of ITV.


Keith Morris, 12/01/2023

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