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Norfolk camping event celebrates Jesus people 

The Jesus Fest Conference is taking place in August at Burton Manor Barn in mid Norfolk and is appealing for spare tents.

The theme is Jesus people and guests speakers will include Andrew Murray (Generation Builders), Steve Uppal (All Nations) and Tough Talk.


The event runs from August 6 – 10, with Friday Arrival at 13:00 and Tuesday Departure at 12:00. This is a family friendly conference with no alcohol or drugs.

There is free entry, a car park onsite, camping (bring your own tent), showering and toilet facilities and free basic meals. There is also an optional tuck shop, paid food and coffee stalls, and a merchandise stall. 

Radical Church from Norwich are hosting Jesus Fest and they are appealing for any spare tents for those wanting to come that don’t have one. If you have a tent you can let them have contact Radical pastor Matt Richards on 07833 498562.


The location is Burton Manor Barn, IP25 7SU, https://maps.app.goo.gl/jKUHQKDfm8DoBCwu5


Click here for Waze link: https://waze.com/ul/hu12em88bk

For more information contact Matt on 07833 498562, Aiden on 07794 554620 or Leon on 07500 002517.


Pictured above is Andrew Murray




Eldred Willey, 24/07/2021

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