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New electric van for Mid Norfolk Foodbank

The Mid Norfolk Foodbank has recently acquired a much-needed electric vehicle, funded by the Government’s Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund. This comes at a crucial time for the charity, which provided over 5000 emergency food parcels to local people last year. Suzanne Bushby, operations manager for the foodbank, expressed gratitude for the funding, as volunteers had been using their own vehicles for over a decade. The new electric van will enable the foodbank to transport increasing volumes of stock, donations, and food parcels between their warehouse and distribution centers in three different locations.

The increase in food parcels distributed by the Mid Norfolk Foodbank has been substantial, rising by 34% in 2023 on top of a 52% increase the previous year. As part of the Trussell Trust’s network of 1,400 foodbanks nationwide, the Mid Norfolk Foodbank is addressing record levels of need, with almost three million emergency food parcels provided to people facing hardship between April 2022 and March 2023. The foodbank’s current needs include items such as instant mash, UHT fruit juice, UHT milk, tinned tomatoes, tinned vegetables and meat, and jam. Donations of food or financial support can be made on their website, and supporters are encouraged to download the Bankthefood app to stay updated on donation needs.

The article includes a photo of Crayford & Abbs’ Sales Director Rupert Fox handing over the new electric van to Mid Norfolk Foodbank Trustees Dave Pearson and Trevor Theobald, as well as Operations Manager Suzanne Bushby. This donation will greatly assist the foodbank in reaching more people in need within the community. The story is based on an article from the Eastern Daily Press, which encourages readers to share news stories or events related to Christianity or churches in Mid Norfolk via email.

Overall, the Mid Norfolk Foodbank’s acquisition of a new electric van has come at a crucial time, as the charity has seen a significant increase in the demand for emergency food parcels. The support of the Government’s Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund has provided the necessary resources for the foodbank to expand its operations and continue meeting the needs of the local community. The article also highlights the ongoing need for donations and support, emphasizing specific items that are currently in demand and encouraging the use of the Bankthefood app for donation updates.

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