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Mid Norfolk charity needs cyclists and ramblers 

North Breckland Youth for Christ has organised an Easter experience and is now looking forward to a cycling and rambling May fundraiser.

“The Easter experience was a great success,” writes Paul Roast, Director of North Breckland Youth for Christ. “We had six volunteers from various churches come and support us. We taught 30 kids about the events of Holy week and their significance. 


“It’s an interactive lesson with drama and practical activities. It starts off with Jesus in the Temple turning over the tables; then they spend some time learning about the last supper including the washing of the disciples feet and the sharing of bread and wine. From there they move into the garden, then onto the cross and finally to the empty tomb. The school were very pleased with it, and we hope that it has helped the pupils understand who Jesus was and why he went through that for each of us.”

Breckland Youth for Christ will next be putting on its Megametre May fundraiser, where it hopes to raise money for a new project Alt:Ed. It’s hoping to be able to cover 1000 kilometres in the month. “Maybe you could join us in cycling to our youth cafes,” writes Paul, “running a 10k with us, or coming on a 5k family walk. If that isn’t your thing, then we would appreciate your support in prayer, finance and cake.” 

You can contact the charity here: northbrecklandyfc.org.uk/




Eldred Willey, 13/03/2023

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