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Mid Norfolk CAP offers debt help before winter hits

Now is the time to get help, before the cold winter drives up fuel bills. Heather Nunn, Mid Norfolk CAP Debt Centre Manager, invites people to connect.

We know that 25% of our clients have asked for help because of increasing debts with energy companies. 

Getting help now can make a huge difference and it means that we’ll be able to help people keep their homes warm and the lights on. 


We’ve come across too many people who’ve suffered through winter unable to stay warm, which has affected mental and physical health. Our team is here to help with debt problems through our CAP Debt Help service and because we’re local we can also support clients practically too.


This includes linking clients up with local food banks, arranging emergency shops, emergency fuel, support, encouragement and a friendly voice at the end of a phone. We don’t want anyone going into the winter worrying about how they’ll manage.


Since the pandemic hit, the CAP Debt Help service has adapted its service to follow social distancing guidelines to keep clients, staff and volunteers safe, but is still offering its award winning debt help along with unique support, across the local area.


Our client John said: “It’s an awful time when you can’t get electric. You can’t have the lights on. Never mind the TV and the radio. It feels black.”


We’re determined to ensure that we do whatever we can to alleviate the additional pressure that many of our clients are facing as they negotiate loss of or low income due to the pandemic.


Just as debt can be the result of many different factors including bereavement, job loss, relationship breakdown and illness, there are also many different types of debt that we’re here to help with. Whether it’s rent or mortgage arrears, energy, council tax, loans or credit cards CAP is here to help.

The Mid-Norfolk branch of Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is based at Fountain of Life Church, Ashill. If you are struggling with debt and need help, get in contact with CAP today on 0800 328 0006 or visit www.capuk.org.

Pictured above is Heather Nunn




Eldred Willey, 13/11/2020

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