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Explore Mark and John at Mattishall Church

A day exploring and contrasting the gospels of Mark and John is being offered by All Saints, Mattishall in October, and free tickets will soon be available.

Rev Dr Sue Woan will be presenting “Mark my Word” and “John – The Word becomes flesh” on Saturday October 21, exploring how Mark and John tell of Jesus in different, but complementary ways.


“Mark my Word” is an exploration of Mark’s gospel, will include extra focus on Mark’s beginnings and endings, which are very different from the other gospels. Sue will ask why this is.


“John – the Word becomes flesh” includes a focus on the differences from synoptics (Matthew, Mark and Luke), the ‘signs’ and the I AM sayings which so shocked the Jewish leaders.


Alan Cossey, Licensed Lay Minister in the Mattishall and Tudd Valley Benefice, explains: “Many churches use the lectionary for choosing texts to preach on to help ensure the main topics of Christianity get preached on regularly. Starting in December, the New Testament texts will be largely from the gospels of Mark and John.  All Saints has invited Rev Dr Sue Woan to explore both these gospels, looking at Mark in the morning and John in the afternoon. Even if your church does not use the lectionary, this is still a good opportunity to look more closely at these gospels.”


Sue, who used to lead the Norwich Diocesan Ministry Course, has previously led days at the church on “A Romp Through The Old Testament” and “Walking in New Testament Sandals”, which have gone well. As with those previous events, there is no charge for the day, though contributions would be welcomed.


The event will run from 9.30am to 3pm on Saturday 21 October.


To apply for free tickets, from 22 August, click here.


All Saints’ Church, is on Church Plain, Mattishall, NR20 3QF


Visit matvchurch.uk

The image, above, of Sue Woan at a bible exploration event is courtesy of All Saints Mattishall.


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Tony Rothe, 11/08/2023

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