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Christian youth charity provides some soul space 

As we move into a new season North Breckland Youth for Christ is finding innovative ways to engage with young people. Paul Roast reports.

The pandemic hit many people hard and North Breckland Youth for Christ was no different.  However, we continued despite the challenges being thrown at us, and coming into this new season we have seen growth in unexpected ways.

One project that continues to grow in momentum is at Litcham High school. Working together with the head of RE we were able to put on a Soul Space for the last three days of the summer term.  

We saw nearly 300 pupils take part and it was amazing to see some of their responses to the prayer activities on offer. Since then, we have been doing what we call a “Pop Up Soul Space” every Thursday lunch time. We have one or two activities set up for the pupils. This has been an amazing opportunity to engage with them and open conversations about faith and Jesus.

Another thing that is going well is our new Youth Café in Barnham broom. Working with the local Anglican churches we open the village hall to young people twice a month. They come for games, chat, fun and pizza.  Many of these young people were hanging out at the local park and were grateful to have a safe space where they could just be. We have many young people come along – up to 20 some weeks.

Our other Youth Café in Garvestone has been going for many years now and still proves to be popular. We regularly have 10 young people coming along. Both cafes provide access to other projects and ventures that we offer as well as providing a chance for young people to explore who Jesus is. Recently one such conversation we had was about good and evil, and what happens after you die.

I feel so privileged to explore the Christian faith with young people and to see them grappling with the challenge that Jesus brings to our lives, as well as the blessings. Our hope is that as we continue to learn what living with Covid looks like, we’ll see young people engaging with more activities and see more young lives changed by Jesus.

Paul Roast is Director of North Breckland Youth for Christ. Pictured are young people at some of the charity’s activities.




Eldred Willey, 09/11/2021

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