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Yarmouth churches on guard against cyber crime

A Cyber security training event is being held next month to help churches, primarily in the Yarmouth area, protect themselves and their communities from the threat of cyber-crime.

There has been a substantial rise in cybercrime over the last few years, especially with the increase in home working and remote working arrangements. This training aims to raise a greater awareness of how cyber criminals target people. Additionally, it will challenge you to consider your digital footprint as well as provide an insight and defence against common cyber-attacks including Phishing, Account Compromise and Malicious Software (Malware). This will be useful for anyone who uses the internet for themselves and also to help educate others you are working with or volunteering with.


The course will run from 1pm to 4pm on Friday 1 July at St Nicholas Church, Bradwell. It be led by Dr Steve Jones, Cyber Security Advisor, Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary, and is free to attend.


A second (optional) part to the training will be an introduction to Cyber Choices, a National Crime Agency programme aimed at benefitting young people who have or are at risk of committing cybercrime. Sadly, evidence shows that young people are far more likely to commit cybercrime and often are unaware of the laws in place, such as the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Cyber Choices is about educating instead of criminalising a young person who may have committed a cyber offence. The programme encourages them to pursue positive and legal avenues to develop and nurture skills which are in huge demand, thus promoting hope for their future.


Anna Heydon, from Imagine Norfolk Together, said “I feel this would be particularly helpful for anyone who deals with church administration, those working or ministering with young people, and those working or ministering out in the community, as well as anyone who feels unsafe or vulnerable when using the internet.”


People need to book in if they would like to attend: Please click here


For more information, e-mail Anna at [email protected]

Or ring her on 07471357072.


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Tony Rothe, 10/06/2022

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