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Success for Yarmouth church’s social foodstore

Salvation Army leaders in Great Yarmouth say they are encouraged by the positive response to the town’s new social supermarket, which opened at the end of April.

Sally’s Store was officially opened in the Peggotty Road Community Centre in April 2022 by then mayor Adrian Thompson. It is being run by Great Yarmouth Salvation Army, and is available to anyone who has a NR30 postcode which covers Caister-on-Sea, Newtown, South Denes, Filby Heath, Southtown and Great Yarmouth.


The new store provides residents with access to affordable, quality food. There is also a community fridge, provided by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, where the items are available free of charge.


Captain Marie Burr said about 60 families, or 240 people, have already signed up to the scheme. She explained that Sally’s Store is an alternative to the support offered by food banks, allowing people greater dignity and choice. At present, there are five foodbanks in Great Yarmouth, including one run by The Salvation Army from their base in Tolhouse Street.


She said: “It really is very busy and it’s not an uncommon sight to see people lined up outside. Here, they can choose what they want to eat and benefit from the dignity that offers. £10 could feed a family of four for a whole weekend.


“We also try to give our clients at Sally’s Store some recipes to show them what they can do. One lady came in recently and spent £10 which fed her family over the last bank holiday weekend. We gave her recipes for lasagne and sausage casserole. She came back and told us her kids had loved it.


“An elderly lady also came in recently. She had some free fruit and vegetables and when she chose what else she wanted, she spent £7.80. She said that meant she could put £20 on her fuel card. The results really are very encouraging.”


As well as access to affordable food, customers can also buy items such as pet food and cleaning products. Next month a drop-in service will be opening to give customers advice about things like budgeting, as well as access to support services and training courses.


The new store is being supported by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Feeding Britain, and the Norfolk Community Foundation. Collaboratively, the three organisations provided the set-up costs and the first year’s salary for a community programme coordinator who will manage the store.

 More volunteers are welcome to work at Sally’s store. For more information and to apply, click here.


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The top picture shows Mayor Adrian Thompson opening the new store with his wife Jenny and Great Yarmouth Salvation Army leader Captain Marie Burr, and is courtesy of The Salvation Army.



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