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Stalham Baptists raising funds to refurbish

Stalham Baptist Church have plans to refurbish their school room, which adjoins the main church building, and are raising funds so that the project can proceed. Tony Rothe reports.

The church hosts many activities and events throughout the week, including a Foodbank, Community Fridge, Tuesday ‘Coffee & Chat’, a table tennis group and, prior to covid, craft fairs and various other events. When not being used on a Sunday, the sanctuary often provides a venue for musical events and other activities.


The sanctuary was fully refurbished in 2012 to make a modern, welcoming space, but it is now necessary to give some care and attention to other parts of the church buildings, particularly the school room, which currently has an outside toilet and a small inadequate kitchen.  


Plans have been passed to modernise and improve this area, which will create, in addition to the refurbished Schoolroom, a large modern kitchen and unisex/disabled toilets with nappy changing facilities.


David Child, a deacon at Stalham Baptist Church, said, “Ron Skivington, our Pastor since 1989, has always led the church with the vision in his heart that we should be a welcoming meeting point for the local community, and that the church should live with Jesus at its centre. We care very much about the whole person, socially, physically and spiritually and are keen to make a space for all members of the community, whatever their age. Our vision is to provide a building that is inclusive for the whole community and ‘fit for purpose’ for generations to come.”


Possible uses for the improved facilities include increased numbers for the lunch club, an after-school club, parent and toddler group, youth pop-up café, dementia group, table tennis, coffee & chat, computer access for job searching and applying for benefits, skill improvement courses, evening activities such as quiz nights, films, music nights etc, afternoon get togethers such as knit and natter and other craft skills.


sbc timber 750ATThe total cost of the project will exceed £500,000 of which £260,000 has already been secured. The church is in the process of applying for grants, and many in the church are doing fund-raising activities. There is also a crowd-funding page on the Stalham Baptist Church website.


“This is an exciting opportunity for Stalham, and we are keen for everyone in the community to feel that they are a part of what is being planned” said David. “We see this project as God-led and a long-term investment in His Kingdom. All contributions will be very gratefully received.”

Visit https://www.stalhambaptist.org.uk/


The photos above, showing the church buildings with the school room on the right, the existing kitchen, and some of the rotting wood in the building, are all courtesy of Stalham Baptist Church.


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Tony Rothe, 19/05/2022

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