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Flegg Area Foodbank tackling village poverty

Martham Foodbank has changed its name to reflect the wide area over which it works to tackle poverty in those villages. Tony Rothe reports.

The foodbank operates throughout the wider area known as the Fleggs ie bound by River Thurne, River Bure and the North Sea, an area which was formerly known as Flegg Island. This includes not only Martham but also Somerton, Horsey, Winterton, Hemsby, Scratby, Ormesby, Repps, Thurne, Billockby, Fleggburgh, Stokesby, Runham, Rollesby, Thrigby, and Clippesby. 


Revd Dr Steven Sivyer, Team Rector designate of Flegg Parish Churches, pictured above, explains: “We are all going through a bad winter, and whereas before we had heard of people having to choose between heating and eating, there are now some people who cannot afford to do either. Some are struggling to afford even the basics, like toothpaste, for example. 


“The last line of defence is charities and churches, and Flegg Area Foodbank is playing its part, signposting to other organisations to provide appropriate help, but also providing food to those who have been signposted to us. We are there for everyone in need in the Flegg area, and urge folk not to wait until they are desperate.” 


Rev Sivyer explained that the name change does not mean that Martham Foodbank has widened its reach, but that this former name meant that residents from some of the other villages in the area were unaware that they had a local Foodbank that served them. 


He explains the changes, and the role played by the foodbank in this video.

If anyone from the area needs support, or if people would be willing to help or give donations, then please contact the foodbank at:  flegg.org.uk/foodbank

or by e-mail at [email protected]   or phone 01493 740823.


The picture is courtesy of Flegg Area Foodbank.


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Tony Rothe, 03/02/2023

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