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Farewell as Yarmouth church leader moves on

Captain Marie Burr, the Salvation Army leader in Great Yarmouth, has paid tribute to everyone at the church and charity after she left her post at the end of last month to move to a new role.

Marie arrived in the town as Covid was taking hold and quickly turned her hand to leading The Salvation Army’s support for vulnerable people in the local community. At the height on the pandemic, 175 food parcels and 120 hot meals a week were being given out.


As life returned to normal, she also led the way as Sally’s Store, a new social supermarket, opened in Yarmouth in April this year. The new store provides residents with access to affordable, quality food. Read more about this here.


Marie shared some of her memories of this difficult time. She said: “I remember the Mayor visiting and awarding us a blue plaque, coming back to Sunday worship, working with other food banks in the area supporting and helping each other. To put it simply, I was blessed being a part of this amazing community that is Great Yarmouth.”


Marie said nothing would have been possible, however, without the support of her church family and volunteers. She explained: “I have been so fortunate to have such an amazing team that will continue to run this in my absence. The volunteers turn up every day, week on week, and work tirelessly to make food parcels, send out hundreds of Christmas gifts and run the charity shop and Sally’s Store. Without them the church would not run. I am not irreplaceable, but they definitely are!”


Marie is in no doubt that The Salvation Army and the community as a whole are stronger than ever and said she will be keeping in touch after she has left.


She commented: “We have changed our programme, and this has enabled us to attract more volunteers, so we have more people helping in the week and more people coming to worship on a Sunday. I pray that the town will continue to emerge from Covid stronger and more vibrant, not just as a holiday destination, but a place where people are in work and giving to the community.”


Visit the Salvation Army’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages.  


The picture above shows Marie opening Sally’s Store with the then Mayor of Great Yarmouth Adrian Thompson and his wife Jenny. Image courtesy of The Salvation Army.



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Tony Rothe, 19/10/2022

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