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Watch as driver leaves motorists raging by using roundabout slingshot method… but viewers don’t know who to blame

A DRIVER has been blasted for using a controversial ‘slingshot’ roundabout move.

A TikTok user has shared footage of a BMW swerving between lanes at a busy Norwich roundabout, prompting rule-breaking complaints.

A driving instructor posted video of the fellow motorist hurtling along the Norwich Northern Distributor Road in Norfolk.

The 28-second clip shows the other car abruptly cutting across the learner to take the roundabout’s first exit.

TikToker @jwdrivertrainer, accompanying a pupil who was in the left-hand lane, shared the footage with the words: “Just wait.”

Hashtags he added to the post included “roundaboutslingshot”, “drivingtestfail”, “impatience”, “bmw” and “idiot”.

The “slingshot” manoeuvre has become popular with many online – yet there are also plenty of people infuriated by the move.

It involves switching across traffic lanes then circling a roundabout in full before bypassing cars queuing for the first exit.

Comments on the latest clip included plenty of criticism for the layout of the lanes – but also for the driver zooming through.

One viewer wrote: “It’s a Beamer – what do you expect, they have their own rules?”

But others blasted the learner – claiming they shouldn’t have been in the left lane if they weren’t turning off.

One wrote: “Why do you take the most left lane if you’re not taking the first exit?”

Another TikToker has posted a clip with the boast “My epic slingshot roundabout”, saying it can slice 20 minutes from his journey.

He shared the clip with Newcastle motorist Shaun Jobber, or @jobbertok, whose account encourages the driving hack.

Shaun recently shared footage of a similar “slingshot” at a busy roundabout in Hull, East Yorkshire – which won both praise and condemnation from viewers.

The driver in that instance was seen nipping into an inside lane and completing a full circuit before racing off at the first exit.

They left behind in their wake a long line – in footage Shaun shared online with the words “Love the old roundabout slingshot”.

Some described the move as “such a good idea” and “genius”, with one admirer writing: “Every time I do this I start telling myself out loud I’m the smartest guy on the road.”

Another posted, “I actually love doing this and seeing everyone get annoyed”, while it was also said: “I also do this at roundabouts and wonder why no one else does it.”

But a commenter admitted, “I always feel like a criminal”, while another responded: “I’ve been one of the chumps sitting in traffic oblivious to the slingshots taking place next to me.”

And there were also critics, including one viewer who labelled the move “dangerous”.

Another sceptic warned the anti-congestion measure could “create the same problem if everyone does it”.

There were also concerns about spreading the word, with one viewer joking: “I’m glad this manoeuvre has a name, but this is secret knowledge that shouldn’t be shared.”

The Jobbertok account shares videos which Shaun says should help drivers understand little-known rules of the road.

The TikToker, who used to work as for a leading UK insurer, decided to use his experience as a motor insurance claim handler to inform drivers in a bid to prevent unnecessary traffic jams.

He called other drivers “stupid” after overtaking 20 queuing cars in June.

There have been other examples of motorists using a “slingshot” to avoid morning traffic, though a video of a car driver losing control on a wet roundabout also went viral on social media.

The Highway Code insists on roundabouts that anyone intending to take the first exit should signal left and approach in the left-hand lane, keeping left.

If opting for an exit to the right or going full circle, you’re told to not only signal right but also keep to the right on the roundabout until needing to change lanes – then signal left after passing the exit before the one you want to take.

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