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Unassuming terraced house looks ordinary from outside – but hides wild secret

HOUSE hunters have been left “horrified” by a property for sale boasting a most bizarre ensuite.

The home’s shower and even toilet are viewable to the rest of the master bedroom by clear GLASS WALLS – but many have been turned off by the feature.

An advert for the three-bedroom home on Bishop Bridge Road, in Norwich, Norfolk, was uploaded to Rightmove a week ago and it is up for grabs for £425,000.

Estate agents Sefftons listed the ‘glass ensuite’ as one of the key features that has been “lovingly updated and reworked to a high specification and finish” to bring “wow after wow” in the property.

They explain that the unusual layout is “designed to immerse you in the fantastic views”, as the master suite overlooks the River Wensum at the rear of the home.

But online commenters were at best unsure of the “room with a loo”, with one even joking that it would give them “loo anxiety”.

Sarah Weatherley, 50, said: “I have been looking quite intensively on Rightmove recently because I’m looking to move to be with my partner.

“As my partner and I aren’t particularly tied to one area, I’ve been comparing what you can get for the same money in various areas.

“This house is on for about £425,000 and is in Norwich. The house itself looks like it’s in a stunning location with lovely views so I clicked on it.

“The ensuite was something of a surprise – I did a double-take and had to zoom in for another look.

“I’m not sure I’d want to live with that bathroom – and my partner was pretty weirded out by it too.

“The house is lovely but we’d have to do something about those glass walls – maybe make the glass more opaque.”

After spotting the listing, Sarah tweeted: “Today on Rightmove: Impress/horrify guests with a glass-walled khazi.”

One user named Dave said: “I’m hoping against hope that it’s the sort of glass that magically goes frosted at the flick of a switch.”

To which Karen replied: “I still wouldn’t trust it. Like those ‘automatic’ locks on train toilets – gives me loo anxiety.”

The advert describes the three-storey property as an “exceptional elevated period home with stunning river and cathedral views”, in the city centre of historic Norwich.

The city is said to have “everything you would desire of a vibrant regional capital and has a real sense of history preserved” and is voted in the top ten happiest places to live in Britain.

It also states that it boasts “full height picture windows to the master suite”, three reception rooms and an “elevated riverside garden and al-fresco dining area”.

The ground floor is home to two “exceptional” reception rooms, the kitchen and a conservatory to the rear of the house, and on the first floor there are two double rooms and a bathroom.

Meanwhile the top floor is dedicated to the ‘generous principal suite’, including the glass-walled ensuite.

Despite this, house hunters seem to remain put off by the glass-walled ensuite, with Andrea Pattinson saying: “Errrrr it’s a NO from me!!!”

David Harrison added: “Had one of those in a hotel room in Berlin. Was weird even as the only occupant. Brr.”

A spokesman for Sefftons said: “With so much attention and more than ten viewings booked within hours of launching to market, it seems everybody wants a loo with a view.

“Yes, you could frost the glass or screen the room, but where’s the fun in that.

“Designed for a fun loving couple who enjoy all the city has to offer, combined ‘an exceptional view, in more ways than one’.”

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