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Shocking moment Dragons’ Den winner smashes £100k Ferrari before cops swoop to arrest him – as he appears in court

Footage has emerged of Dragons’ Den winner Ross Mendham crashing his £100k Ferrari F430 in Norwich, narrowly missing pedestrians before colliding with four bike racks. Mendham escaped unharmed from the incident but was arrested for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. He appeared in court and pleaded guilty to not keeping a GPS tag charged as part of his curfew. The bail breach is related to an upcoming trial for alleged assault, with Mendham set to stand trial at Norwich Crown Court on June 5. Mendham gained investment from Peter Jones on Dragons’ Den in 2013 for his low calorie venture, Barenaked Foods, and has since launched a fashion brand called GOD.

The CCTV footage shows Mendham’s Ferrari careering across the road, causing significant damage to the bike racks before coming to a stop with the car billowing smoke. Mendham’s bail conditions include a curfew monitored electronically, which he breached by not keeping the GPS tag charged. Mendham’s defense solicitor attributed the breach to a potential equipment fault causing a short battery life. Despite the shocking incident and arrest, no one was injured in the collision, and the road was reopened within a couple of hours. Mendham’s entrepreneurial ventures, Barenaked Foods and GOD, have been successful since his appearance on Dragons’ Den, with Peter Jones investing £60,000 in his low calorie product.

Following the crash, Mendham’s high-powered Ferrari was left significantly damaged, prompting shocked onlookers to gather at the scene. The incident took place on Rose Lane in Norwich, where Mendham’s car collided with the bike racks before stopping abruptly. Mendham’s success on Dragons’ Den led to investments in his low calorie venture Barenaked Foods and his fashion brand GOD, showcasing his entrepreneurial skills beyond the TV show. Mendham’s latest troubles involving breach of bail conditions have resulted in legal proceedings leading up to his trial for alleged assault at Norwich Crown Court.

The footage of Mendham’s crash and subsequent arrest has caused a stir, with many wondering about the extent of the damage to his Ferrari and the implications of his bail breach. Mendham’s entrepreneurial journey from Dragons’ Den success to launching a fashion brand highlights his business acumen despite the recent legal troubles. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of life, even for those who achieve success in the business world. Mendham’s upcoming trial will shed more light on the allegations against him and the potential consequences of his actions, adding to the intrigue surrounding the Dragons’ Den winner and his tumultuous recent events.

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