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My house is so mouldy it’s SINKING – the mildew grows faster than I can scrub it off the walls and no one is helping

A MOULDY house with mildew growing faster than its owner can scrub it off the walls is sinking – and no one is helping.

Suzi Earl, 40, from Norwich, is desperate for repairs to be made to her home and says the clock is ticking after being told the house is subsiding.

Since she moved in September 2015, Suzi says the issues have been worsening over time.

The mum-of-six says: “My house is really leaning to one side.

“I called someone out to look at it, and they just filled in the cracks between the bricks with sand. What is that going to do?”

Suzi says she has been telling the council about the mould problems, but isn’t getting any closer to fixing them.

She told the Evening News: “They have made me feel like a nuisance – do they honestly think I don’t open the windows to let the air flow?”

The troubles started after a hole in the roof was fixed in the summer of 2017, she says.

She was looking forward to a warm winter with new insulation but says since the work was done the mould issues have become horrific.

Then electrical issues in 2018 prompted more workers to come and check out the property’s wiring.

Suzi claims repairman told her extensive work was needed but it’s never happened.

She says: “Christmas 2020 it upped a gear. We have serious mould issues in two of the bedrooms and the living room.”

Up to 12 inches of water runs down the walls and soaks the carpets, according to Suzi.

The carpet comes near to where her son sleeps – and she’s worried about the mould’s impact on her kids’ health.

My house is really leaning to one side. I called someone out to look at it, and they just filled in the cracks between the bricks with sand. What is that going to do?

Suzi EarlMum-of-six fed up with mould

She said: “Three of my children are asthmatic and my son also has croup twice in the last two years – which is unusual for a nine-year-old. I am not saying it’s definitely the mould but It can’t be helping.” 

Suzi says she tries to clean the mould as often as she can, but as fast as she is cleaning it, more is growing.

Pictures show damp and mouldy walls with water running down some areas and electrical faults.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said repairs will be prioritised in relation to their urgency.

They said: “The electrical test for this property is up to date and any follow up work graded by urgency.

“We have already completed the higher priority job and have added a rewire to our upgrade programme due to the age of the property.

“We responded to Ms Earl about other concerns regarding her property in November and are awaiting further information.”

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