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Inside brutal Lewis drug gang as new doc shows UK city invaded by machete-wielding dealers in wake of grisly teen murder

The city of Norwich has been under siege from machete-wielding drug gangs, leading the police to launch a special operation to combat the heroin and crack dealing “county line.” A new documentary showcases how the police successfully apprehended members of the “Lewis line,” which was responsible for supplying deadly drugs across Norfolk’s main city on a daily basis. The drugs traded by the Lewis line amounted to 4.3kg of Class A drugs with a street value of around £300,000. During Operation Hobble, the police chased and apprehended three suspected dealers who tried to flee from a flat after the police knocked down the door.

The operation resulted in the imprisonment of 11 suspects involved in the drugs operation, including ringleader Liam Bolt, who was 19 years old at the time of his arrest and sentenced to five years and seven months in prison. The documentary depicts the shocking impact of the drug trade on the community, including an increase in violent crimes and knife-related incidents. It also includes CCTV footage showing individuals armed with weapons rampaging through public spaces.

The Lewis line, responsible for drug distribution, was identified through meticulous investigative work, and the television program highlights the police raid on the location where drugs, weapons, and cash were found. The special operation led to the dismantling of the Lewis line, resulting in the imprisonment of key figures within the gang. However, the documentary also underscores the tragic consequences of the drug trade, such as the death of 18-year-old dealer Joe Dix, who was fatally stabbed by a drugs gang, leading to life sentences for the perpetrators. Police: Suspect No 1, the documentary, provides insight into the devastating impact of drug gangs and the law enforcement efforts to combat them.

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