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I’m fuming after we were stranded for 2 DAYS at the airport waiting for TUI flight – I’ve never been treated so badly

A PENSIONER was stranded at an airport for two days waiting for a delayed TUI flight. 

Terry Mack, 75, waited a gruelling 43-hours for the plane, which was meant to take off at 7.20pm on Friday but only departed at 1.55pm on Sunday. 

Some passengers spent two nights trying to sleep in Norwich airport in Norfolk while others camped in their cars as they waited for updates on their flight to Majorca.

Frustrated Terry said: “I am 75 and I have travelled all over the world since I was 16 – but never in almost 60 years have I ever known people to be treated so appallingly.”

Several passengers also alleged that travel giant TUI failed to keep them updated and never offered them help with accommodation. 

A spokesman for the firm said: “We would like to apologise to customers travelling on LAV5480 from Norwich to Palma which was unfortunately delayed due to a technical issue with the aircraft.

“We have refunded impacted customers for two nights of their holiday, along with providing overnight accommodation, meals and refreshments as needed.

“Customers will also be entitled to EU 261 compensation from the airline and details of how to claim have also been given.

“We do understand that last-minute delays are incredibly disappointing and we would like to reassure customers that we do everything we can to get them away on their holidays as planned.

“We’d like to apologise again for the inconvenience passengers travelling to Palma are experiencing and we thank them for their understanding.”

Holidaymakers across the country have been facing hellish queues and overnight airport stays due to delays.

It has been caused as staffing numbers at airports have been unable to match the increased demand for summer holidays.

There are triple the number of passengers flying in and out of Britian’s airports this summer compared to last year.

And an insider warned the mayhem will only get worse this month when schools break up for summer.

The anonymous baggage handler, who has worked in the industry for more than a decade says the chaos enfolding is the worst he has ever seen.

And he believes it is only going to get worse as thousands of Brits are set to jet off next week when school holidays break.

He told The Times: “Before this year, I had never seen pilots helping to load and unload suitcases. 

“In recent weeks, I have seen captains and first officers mucking in. At other airports, I hear it is now commonplace.

“Passengers are waiting up to six hours for their bags. The other day I saw a cleaner driving the luggage trolley on the tarmac, unescorted, because there were not enough baggage handlers to do it.

“And if people think the delays are bad now, it is nothing compared to what is going to happen when children break up from school at the end of July and beginning of August.”

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